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10 Rules to Become an Effective Manager By Dr.Ahmed Elsayed

Updated: Dec 4, 2018

They are Non Forgettable managers as they touched our soul by the handsome and smart way they dealt with us. In the coming lines, let's give you an amazing way for being a perfect Manager. In small, short and simple points, we will invade the way of success today not tomorrow.

1- Start your Management Journey by praising ALLAH who gifted you such position which gives you the power and responsibility of Change. 

2- Break the hurdles and open your doors for your subordinate.

3- Invest most of your time in communication and Networking.

4- Negotiate whenever you can, But in appropriate way " What, when, why, who" I'm negotiate.

5- Be Visionary in your Decision and try the proposal decision before generalize it.

6- You must gain the respect and support from your Subordinates.

7- Learn to say "No" when it comes to integrity and honesty issues.

8- Be a good listener "let them express their Ideas"

9- Manage your people by objectives, so write the objectives and KPI's for each position.

10- Fight for success.

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