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Moving to HR Mastery By:Dr.Ahmed Elsayed

In 2021, Most of Leading Research & Consultancy Organizations came across different types of Corporate with different types of HR teams. Some have a strong HR/ People Management team who lead Management boards in all HR practices ; and some are less dedicated HR team still working reactive not proactive ! Here are the common five actions to Master the HR belief : The 1st Action: Align with the New Normal HR trends in Employment types, Total Rewards Systems, HR Governance and many more global trends " to share in the coming article ISA" The 2nd Action: Develop a better Performance Management Systems, by finding the Most-fit way to predict and assess your employees performance and making sure they are being rated in a professional way . The 3rd Action: Enhance your work context by creating a healthy business environment , Motivating them to stay , Rethink of your Work-spaces , enjoyable offices & More . The 4th Action: Improve your Caring ; Bby listening to your people using open doors policy, Continual Surveys & Open discussions not only about their work but also their lives ! , they will like it the 5th Action: Let's Craft a story of Success & give them a reason to Care .

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