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 Marketing Management Diploma 


Based on Marketing Management Book by :(Kotler  Keller ==> 14th edition)

    Providing participants a practical knowledge and approach to marketing applications

  Demonstrate knowledge and skills to meet career needs

  Identify core concepts of marketing and the role of marketing in business and society 

 ⦁ Define the primary and secondary source of information 

   Describe the major types of consumer behavior 

 Course Content :

-  Managing Customer Relationships 

-  Marketing Strategy

-  Managing Marketing Information 

-  Consumer Behavior  

-  Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning (STP

-  Product, Service, and Branding

-  Product Development 

-  Pricing Approaches 

-  Marketing Channels

-  Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC)

-  Guerilla Marketing Concept

-  Marketing Plan

-  Cases and Individual Assignments 

Graduation Project :

( Submit and present an actual marketing issue that facing your organization with marketing plan )

Re-Certification Credit Hours From

EgyCham     “ included in fees & Available after Exam by One Month ”

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