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The 5 Signs to Quit Your Job and Shift Career! By Dr.Ahmed Elsayed

Most of us have good days and bad days at the office, But what if Bad Days became the Dominant? .The coming 5 Signs will tell you if you should start searching for another Job and shift your Career or you should keep calm and try to change your business environment gradually. The 1st Sign: I'm bored all the time, Miserable every morning and the worst moment in my life when the alarm clock rings to wake-up for my job. It's a killer feeling and the worst sign ever. The 2nd Sign : I Couldn't Imagine my life or picture myself after 20 years in this Job and wouldn't be happy to tell my sons or grandsons about my job. The 3rd Sign : I'm not eager to learn more about my career and not keen on achieve academic growth in it or invest in myself. The 4th Sign : I'm no longer productive at work ,even though I'm capable of performing the tasks. The 5th Sign : I see most people working in this Career as aliens and wondering how and why they work in this odd job. Test the 5 signs on you, if applicable , welcome to the search team for a new job :)

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