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HR from Reactive to proactive Are you still waiting a Hero ? 7steps to be the hero !

"They didn't do their Job" , "they couldn't understand the HR language"

They didn't help us!

All above sentences are heard from most of HRians who didn't

Succeed to be a real change agent or set their finger print as a highly efficient HR In a highly dynamic business environment, which forces us to synchronize & adapt with change even in the management mentality

In the coming few steps, you will be able to open a new track for your business to be a real company hero!

Effective manager identify organizational challenges first to deal with them before they became major issues for the company.

This requires to be proactive rather than reactive specially when dealing with HR issues like" Downsizing, restructuring, organization culture, outsourcing, insert new technology ….etc.

Strategically, proactive HR focuses on creating new HR plans adaptable with the changes in the business environment.

To be proactive:

1-Define &specify key trends in business environment

2-Identify sources of competitive advantage

3-find the required knowledge & skills to support the sources of competitive advantages

4- Gather info about the big picture

5- Understand differences of opinions "put yourself in other shoes"

6-Design HR practices & action plan.

7- Specify means by which effectiveness is measured

Welcome to the Hero's Community :)

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