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Congratulations, you're now HR Strategic Partner! By: Dr.Ahmed Elsayed

Updated: Dec 4, 2018

For a long time, HR went in depth of administration works like filing, personnel, Compliance and became busy enough to understand that business environment has been changed globally. It becomes more complex even with IT solutions. Labor market is now opened to multicultural views, especially in term of hiring process and training.

HR people should do their real job in measuring ROI of the HR functions and learn how to present it in numeric language to CEO's to enhance communication and to be able to act as a change agent. HR ladies and gents are strategic business partners involved in the success of organizations evaluating not just hiring, firing and traditional administration roles.

Making the best use of HR functions, leads to better business outcomes. It's neither easy nor hard job if you Believe in the value of the HR functions and be confident enough to express your business insights.

To be able to do your job well, you should be well educated in 5 business majors (General Management, psychology, Economics, Sociology &Finance) after that you will be able to express yourself as HR Strategic Partner.

Have a nice HR trip :)

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