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Hey HR, Summer is Coming, 3 Benefits of Hiring interns!

A Season of internships is so close. Whether your company offer paid internship programs or stick with unpaid ones, you should be prepared for giving back to your community. Having a well-structured Internship Program is something that has 3 Benefits for you as an Employer:

1st Benefit: Enhancing your Employer Image & Branding

When it comes to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), every HR Professional should not only Supporting but also leading all activities which empower Community. Needless to say it’ll reflect on your Employer good reputation which you’ll feel it in your applicant’s feedback and decreasing the No-Show ratios in interviews

2nd Benefit: Developing Fresh Source of Hiring

New generations come with fully energetic brains, Fresh Ideas and New Perspectives to maximize these benefits, motivate interns to set brainstorming sessions and encourage them to speak up. Subsequently, you can easily hunt those will add value to your company. Deal with internship like a Probation period. It’s a great opportunity for you to assess their Skills, Abilities and Attitude.

3rd Benefit: Improving Coaching Skills for your Staff

Once you get interns, they will be the responsibility of your Current employees to train and coaching them. It’s a free of charge development plan for your Seniors & entry-level Managers to improve their Coaching and Mentoring Skills with free of hassle, Risk and Cost.

Have a Wonderful internship Season :)

Ahmed Elsayed

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