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The 3 Common Schools of HR Consultancy! By: Dr.Ahmed Elsayed

Updated: Dec 4, 2018

As a consultant, you play the physician role in healing some/ most of corporate diseases. Some of these diseases are infective and may affect your consulting project outcomes if you dealt with it in an inappropriate method.

HR Consultants have 3 integrative schools/ methodologies in change management projects. The 1st school is the " Surgery School " which deal with the concept of " Destruction & Construction" , destruct the old systems, policies and often the old team, then start construction of new systems, policies & people. This Surgery School usually preferred in cases of total corruption of Sales, production, HR, Finance….and it always give good outcomes if applied correctly. But don't run away the hard side effects of applying this school "Cash Flow Crisis, some Legal issues, Strikes and even management thoughts. So kindly be prepared if you face these side effects.

The 2nd school is "Internists School" which deals with concept of "gradual therapy". this school of change usually preferred in cases of partial corruption of Sales, production, HR, Finance…and it's also gives good outcomes , but it needs time to touch results. The main advantage of applying the "Internists school" is keeping your business cash flow away from the change cycle, but as I mentioned before, you must be patient on Results!

The 3rd School which I always support is the "Prevention school" as " prevention is better than cure " , so why you go for a consultant after you face the crisis ?!, Go for him before you start up your business to build a suitable business plan , Systems , policies and emergency plan which will support you when crisis show up !. Even if you already have a business, please don't wait the crisis and Be Initiative.

Written by : Dr. Ahmed Elsayed HR/HC Consultant & Business Strategist

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