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Human Resources Consultancy Diploma


- Understand the Role of HR Business Partner

-The Model of HR Business Partner

- Working through Strategic Lens

- Data Analysis & Critical Questions

- The HR Value Proposition

- Measuring FPIs & Business Metrics

- HR Balanced Scorecard

- Aligning HR Interventions with Business Strategies

-HR Consulting Types

- Consulting Models & Strategies

- Developing Change Management Plan

- Solving Talent Issues

- HR Analytics & Measurements

- HR Business Partner (Cases& Role Plays)

- Agile Vs. Waterfall Model

- Scope of HR Governance

- HR Management & Governance Framework

- Essential Components for HR Process Governance

- Challenges for HR Governance & Compliance

- HR Leadership as per ISO 9001/2015

- Performance Evaluation as per ISO 9001/2015

- ISO 30408 Guidelines

- ISO 30409 Workforce Planning

- Applying HR Standards & Metrics

-What Do HR Business Consultant Do ?

-Management Consultancy 

-HR/ Management Consultancy Process

-HR Balanced Scorecards

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HR Consultancy Reviews 

HR Consultancy Diploma

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