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As you guys know, this is the by far the largest DIY project Ive ever tackled and I had never done a bathroom from start to finish like this before. I learned SOOOOOO much along the way, and honestly, I think there is no way to really get good at something except to dive : right in and give it a try. Before we discuss small bathroom remodel costs, we should try to learn why , people have issues with small bathrooms. As you likely have guessed already, the main problem here is the lack of space. Most small bathrooms comprise a toilet, tub, and standard single vanity crammed into a tiny space. For this reason, it can be quite uncomfortable and suffocating. Look for trends that suit your lifestyle and also up the value of your home for resale. Find our five favorites below: As you can tell I went from oval and small, to bolder with sleek defining lines of rectangular descent. I did this to FILL the space and define it. The room is small, but it appears larger with the right color combination as well as fixtures.sustainable home remodelingIn addition to their style, these materials are also eco-friendly. Marble countertops are free of toxins and chemicals and can improve your indoor air quality. Lots of materials with superior sustainability are also easy to clean , and durable. Incorporating sustainable materials makes your home stand out from your friends , and families and makes a statement in support of the planet. In the end, choosing to renovate your home in an eco-friendly manner not only helps the environment but allows you to do so while giving back to your community while saving some serious money.ats not to like about being environmentally savvy when it comes to your home? Think of taking on a green remodeling approach as an investment instead of an expense. Not only will you save on your energy bills, but your home will increase in value. Homes that carry a green certification, like GreenPoint Rated, sell faster and for about four to five percent above market value, Shipman said. Another benefit: A sustainable renovation will likely provide a cleaner lifestyle, thanks to the use of non-toxic materials.updating a galley kitchenDrawer pulls can add a powerful visual punch to your design but they're also functional. In a galley kitchen, we recommend installing at least a couple of thoughtfully placed linear drawer pulls which can double as dish towel hangars during , busy kitchen sessions. While linear drawer pulls are typically thought of as modern or transitional, there are plenty of ways to mix-and-match them with other styles so they don't look out of place. Time and again, Alure Home Improvements has been recognized as a leader in the remodeling industry for delivering superior work at a great value, along with remarkable customer service. Trust, credibility, peace of mind – these are the bedrocks that our reputation was built on. While it turned out there was a structural column in the kitchen we did have to keep, we were able to move one side of the kitchen from the inside to the outside of said column, taking the kitchen from galley to U-shape and almost doubling it in size. This meant that we were also able to add a small walk-in pantry with a pocket door something we never had before!. We barely lost any countertop space and gained some serious square footage in the kitchen! All thanks to playing around with LEGO blocks… """""


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