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Don't Love what you Do ! By: Dr.Ahmed Elsayed

Whoever said " Love what you do , until doing what you love " is already tricked millions& millions of people who get lost in a maze of loving what they do and they didn't and wouldn't do what they love ! as simply, life is extremely short to wait a miracle happen, specially the miracles era is already over. so please get rid of this quote and Do what you love from the beginning ! .....How ?

Firstly, Answer the questions " Who Am I ? ", What I need ? ", Why ? and When?

Secondly , Ask for a help from a life coach to check your answers. just he/she confirm your answers, start your action plan journey by acquiring the needed knowledge & Skills for your passion.

Are you ready and skillful now ? If yes, Build up You C.V and Upload it on all related recruitment sites and finally pray for me :)

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